Welcome Bri To BARE – Heres her top Services

Hi, my name is Gabrielle but you can call me Bri! I found my passion for aesthetics after falling in love with the human body. I studied personal training and sports nutrition for 4 years before jumping into my chosen path of nursing. I completed a condensed program while building my brand on the side for aesthetics. Helping my clients feel confident and watch them grow as a person both mentally and physically is why I do what I do. Specializing anywhere from what goes into your body – to what we see on the outside, let me help you grow your confidence from the inside out. 



  • uses low frequency sound waves to burst fat cells, resulting in your body turning these fat cells into toxins and excreting them naturally through your lymphatic system. EXTREMELY IMPORTANT POST SURGICAL TO PREVENT FIBROSIS

  • *important* to drink lots of water pre and post treatment to flush out the toxins

  • Pain level 0-4 (heat)

  • Time 1 hr

  • Price $175 a session or a package of 6 for $900 ($150 a session)

  • Side effects: *possible** nausea, dehydration


Teeth whitening:


  • Removing any stains accumulated from birth. Using blue light therapy to open the tubules of the teeth which lets the product sink in, and red light therapy to close them.

  • Pain minimal (our product prides themselves in 0 sensitivity but everyone is different)

  • Time 45, 60 and 75 minutes offered

  • price : $200-$300 depending on time

  • Safe for any age (age needs to be noted, a different product will be used for 16 and under)