Spot Removal

Does Laser spot removal hurt?

Depending on how many freckles/ sun spots you have wanting to be removed the process is quite fast! Clients have said that the pain level is about 3/10 and because the treatment is so fast it’s worth it.

How many treatments will I need?

Everyone is different. The clients picture to the left is on her fourth treatment of her laser treatments!
She was very pleased with her results after just one treatment!

What should I be expecting after each treatment?

Treatments are usually performed once every 4weeks and what happens is that you’ll notice your freckles will get darker, crust, and then eventually flake off! It’s quite satisfying really. 
Another bonus is that there is NO downtime. The areas that we lasered will be slightly red for 15-20mins but will subside. 

How much does the treatment cost?

This treatment varies in cost as we would need to analyze how many freckles/ sun spots will be treated. It usually starts from $75.00+
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