Photofacial - ipl

This is a non-invasive light treatment used for the common concerns of skin pigmentation, sun damage, thread veins and destroying the Propionibacterium which is the bacteria that causes acne. IPL uses a broad spectrum that when used with filters, allows us to treat against several benign skin conditions.

Commonly asked questions:

Is there any downtime with IPL treatments?

There is no real downtime with IPL. Clients skin can look slightly pink or red right after their treatment with mild swelling that should subside within 24-28hours.

Some clients wont experience any downtime at all.

How many treatments of IPL will I need?

IPL requires a series of about four to five treatments to help you achieve a clearer, smoother and more youthful complexion with lasting results.

What does IPL treat best?

IPL is used for many different skin concerns but we have seen incredible results for those that have pigmentation concerns such as sunspots.