Medical Microneedling

Increase skins appearance up to 400% in just three treatments with minimal down time. eDermaStamp by Dermaroller is the Rolls Royce of micro needling technology. With its industry leading 150 strokes per second the eDermastamp safety glides across the skin creating non traumatic perforations to gently trigger the generation of new tissue. This reduces fine lines and wrinkles, improves scars and stretch marks, acne, creates new collagen and elastin to repair sagging and thinning skin, promotes hair growth for patients with thinning hair or alopecia, rosacea and pigmentation issues and overall ultimately prevents multiple signs of aging.

Over the course of a few months on a Microneedling and Dermaroller home kit program patients achieve a radiant glow after new skin growth has taken its course. Ask your technician about the Dermaroller and added medical grade products you can bring home to keep the radiant results rolling.