You’re tired of shaving, waxing, and plucking, and you’ve decided to opt for something longer-term. Laser hair removal provides the solution you’ve been looking for, but what do you need to do before and after your laser treatment to get the best results? Make the most of your treatment by following those advices!


The condition of your skin and undesired hair growth will affect how well the laser works when you go for your treatment. In the weeks leading up to your laser hair removal you might:

  • Switch from waxing, threading, chemical hair removal, or plucking to shaving for the month leading up to your treatment. The laser needs hair to work on and won’t be able to destroy the roots if there’s nothing there.
  • Stay out of the sun and don’t use self-tanning products for a few weeks. Two weeks is the minimum for staying out of the sun, but the lighter your skin and the darker the hair, the more effective the treatment will be.
  • If your face is being treated, don’t wear makeup.
  • Don’t use creams with AHA or BHA in the week before your treatment.
  • See a doctor first if you have any moles or lesions in the treatment area. Be sure that the doctor knows that you plan to go for laser hair removal.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise for about two hours before your treatment begins.
  • Wait if you’ve had Botox or dermal filler treatment in the area to be treated. Two weeks is an adequate window.
  • Wait seven days after completing a course of antibiotics. If you are taking a long course of antibiotics and still want to go for laser hair removal, discuss it with your doctor.


What to do 24-48 hrs DIRECTLY AFTER your session

  • Wear loose cotton clothing
  • Avoid touching the skin in the treatment area
  • Apply 100% Aloe Vera ONLY to your treatment area
  • Avoid the gym, steam room, sauna, Jacuzzi, swimming pool
  • When showering/bathing keep water lukewarm
  • Avoid doing all forms of physical exercise  
  • Apply mineral makeup only after all facial laser hair removal treatment
  • Apply SPF50+ to all treatment areas
  • that are exposed to UV light, cover areas where possible
  • no tanning beds or spray tan

What to do in the WEEKS IN BETWEEN your sessions     

  • Exfoliate the skin in the treatment area 4-5 days after treatment. Dead or dry skin can sometimes cause slight redness after treatment so keeping your skin in tip top condition when having laser will get the best results.
  • When hair begins to regrow in between sessions, shaving and using hair removal creams are the only forms of hair removal that are allowed during your course of treatments
  • Avoid exposing your treatment area to the sun or sunbeds throughout your course of treatment
  • Apply SFP 50+ sunscreen at all times if your treatment areas are exposed to UV light
  • Stop applying fake tan to your treatment areas 7 days before your next session  
  • Inform us if you begin taking any medications throughout your course 
  • Return for your next session within the time frame recommended by your laser therapist
  • What to do after your laser session is just as important as the preparation before.
  • It is vital that you follow all after care advice as this will prevent any adverse reactions from your laser hair removal treatments.

As a final word of advice, remember that you will need several treatments before you achieve permanent or near-permanent hair removal. But since you’re already asking yourself what laser hair removal will entail, why not come in for a consultation? We’ll be happy to provide you with the information you need and answer all your questions.