Do you know your skin type?

Do you know your skin type?

At Bare Laser and Skin we believe that the key to skincare is consistency and following regimen. This is something we can all learn. The trick to caring for your skin is knowing your skin type because understanding it means you can find the right products that work for you and combat potential issues without causing more problems.

There are seven basic skin types: normal, oily, dry/dehydrated, combination, acne-prone, sensitive and mature. 


Dry Skin

Dry skin can feel a little tight throughout the day also may experience flaking when it’s dehydrated. This skin type is determined mostly by genetics but also environmental factors such as lifestyle & diet, hormonal changes, and climate, dehydration. It is very important to drink a lot of water during the day and avoid alcohol or caffeine. 

Exfoliation 2 times a week using gentle, medical skincare products can help promote skin cell turnover without removing its oil. Without an additional layer of dead skin, products and treatments will be absorbed more easily.

Products we recommend for dry skin:



Are you having trouble figuring out what type of skin you have? it’s likely a combination. Is your skin dry in certain areas and oily in others? 

Combination skin is most easily defined by an oily T-zone (the forehead and the line down the nose) and dry or normal skin on the rest of the face.

We recommend avoiding alcohol-based products. You need to find the right balance for your skin and isolate problem areas. Toners and spot treatments will be your best friends!

Products we recommend for combination type skin:

Oily Skin 

Are you struggling with congested and clogged pores? You probably have oily skin! The good news is your skin will look younger and more radiant because it has more natural moisture to keep it from developing fine lines and wrinkles. However, you should remember about daily exfoliating to promote cell turnover and prevent buildup sebum in pores.  


Products we recommend for oily type skin:

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