Is Dermaplaning safe?

This is a SAFE and highly effective chemical free exfoliation procedure. It uses a sterile surgical scalpel to gently “shave” the skins surface, removing the top-most layer of dead surface cells and that little layer of peach-fuzz facial hair!

How will my skin look after dermaplaning?

Your skin is left feeling ultra-smooth, fresh and glowing. The bonus is that when you apply your makeup afterwards, you’ll find it goes on as smooth as silk, which is why dermaplaning is in such demand as a pre-event treatment.

What is this difference from shaving the skin with a regular razor?

Dermaplaning, unlike traditional shaving, uses a smaller blade to slough off dead skin cells in addition to removing wispy facial hair, so skin is more even in tone and texture. With are surgical scalpel we are able to get into the smaller areas as well like around the nose and closer to the hair line! 

How much is dermaplaning?

At Bare Laser and Skin we go above and beyond just the regular dermaplaning treatment. You will be offered a complimentary beverage upon arrival, cleansed with only high end medical grade products, phyto-active oil for a smoother dermaplaning session and moisturizer and sunscreen. And if that isn’t enough we also offer a complimentary mini make over if you choose! 
That’s why it is our most popular lunch time facial for just $115.00.