Keep results of surgery with Cavitation!

Getting cavitation done after liposuction is one of many possible procedures that can help finish your look after surgery.  Sometimes cavitation is enough, but it is possible that you might need Radio Frequency to help tighten the skin as well.  This is because when the fat is gone, it tends to be looser – and nobody wants sagging skin. 


  • uses low frequency sound waves to burst fat cells, resulting in your body turning these fat cells into toxins and excreting them naturally through your lymphatic system. EXTREMELY IMPORTANT POST SURGICAL TO PREVENT FIBROSIS
  • *important* to drink lots of water pre and post treatment to flush out the toxins
  • Pain level 0-4 (heat)
  • Time 1 hr
  • Price $175 a session or a package of 6 for $900 ($150 a session)
  • Side effects: *possible** nausea, dehydration

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