Bluestone sunshields to make you feel like a celebrity!

Bluestone sunshields to make you feel like a celebrity!

The Bluestone Sunshield is the ultimate in face sun-protection.

We all know the sun-protecting standards: sunscreen all day, every day. A hat whenever possible.We now know too much about sun damage to not take action against it. That’s why we’re coming to you with awesome protecting game upgrade! Sunshields that not only block 99% UVA/UVB rays from the sun but also make you look like a celebrity!

It’s a killer tool for helping people recover from procedures and products that leave their skin extra sensitive to sun damage. Procedures like laser and ingredients like retinol help your skin achieve a youthful glow at the expense of leaving it more susceptible to UV radiation. Wearing the Bluestone Sunshield helps mitigate this problem significantly without forcing you to re-apply your favorite high-SPF products every few hours.

Kim Kardashian West also took sun protection seriously! On the photo she’s wearing one of our Lux Shorty models, which you can buy in Bare boutique and on our website.

You can protect your skin in lots of ways, from high-quality natural ingredients to proven chemicals, to simple physical solutions. The Sunshield is a brilliant example of the latter. It’s a cool way to block UV light from getting to your face in the first place, enabling you to simplify your skincare routine on sunny days.