Bermuda Oil

Bermuda Oil

The best dark spot at home treatment we recommend? Bermuda Oil from Bush Balm!

Everyone experienced dark spots on their body whether it’s acne scars,sun spots or hyper-pigmentation. It’s totally normal however can be frustrating. That’s why we brought Bermuda Oil to Bare Laser and Skin.

Bermuda Oil contains six natural ingredients such as fractionated coconut  carrier oil, lemon essential oil, copaiba oil,  By working together they break up the melanin pigments in your skin that are causing uneven skin tones, hyper-pigmentation and dark spots! With consistent and even application, we are completely sure about success of this treatment! It’s perfect for all skin types, 100% vegan and it’s made cruelty free. 


What Does it do?

-Fades Darks Spots

-Softens Hyper-pigmentation

-Relieves Redness & Irritation

-Treats ingrown hair

-Helps heal scarring ( razor burns, ingrown hair)

bermuda oil

Bermuda Oil is 100% NATURAL! It has a nice,refreshing scent and works anri-inflammatory. Incorporate this product to your daily routine, it will help address those darker areas you’ve been wanting to get rid of!