Beauty Hack for smooth, radiant skin!

Beauty Hack for smooth, radiant skin!

How to fight with ingrown hair, cellulite or dull skin? Exfoliate!

Popular methods are body scrub or loofah in the shower bur if you’re looking to achieve truly baby-soft skin you should add some dry brushing into your daily skincare routine. This at-home ritual increases blood flow, stimulates collagen production to help thicken the skin and minimize appearance of fat cells and increases elasticity.



How to use dry brush

We recommend to use it before shower, preferably in the morning. Start from the top of your feet and brush towards your hearth. Try to focus more attention on the stagnant areas for example: inner tights, back of the arms or the back. This will increase the circulation and you will feel warmer immediately. 

From the mechanical action of dry brushing you will have amazing exfoliation of dry, winter skin. Those moves help to detoxify, increase blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, open clogged pores and make you feel invigorated right away!

Please be mindful of having skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. You need to be very cautious in the affected areas not to cause more irritation. We recommend to skip those areas.

Use dry brush every day for 30 days, 2 minutes a day before shower to help with ingrown hair, pigmentation on the skin, toxins removal, lymphatic drainage and body contouring! 

Your body will be thankful

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