acne treatment

At Bare Laser And Skin, we are very passionate about helping patients with acne and we have multiple modalities and treatment options that successfully reduce and prevent acne from occurring

Exfoliating Acne Facial

Say goodbye to acne and hello to flawless balanced skin! Your best skin day starts with Diamond Microdermabrasion to effectively remove a layer of skin and clear out impurities with vacuum suction. The diamond tip also improves the look of fine lines and acne scaring. We then apply a customized medical grade facial packed full benefits. Lock in a healthy moisture balance with a refreshing moisturizer and sunscreen.



Acne Laser Treatment

The Acne Cure! Penetrate skin deeper with AC dual Blue and Red light therapy. Eliminate acne causing bacteria with Blue light. Promote fast healing and reduced inflammation with Red light. The result is a smoother, healthier glow.



Exfoliating Acne Facial

Laser Genesis is one of our top recommended treatment for any of our patients suffering from acne breakouts. 



Your technician will help you come up with an effective home care plan to maintain lasting results from one of our world renowned medical grade skin care lines such as Zo Skin Health, Skinceuticals or Elta MD. Every facial starts aromatherapy to set the tone of the experience. Relaxing complimentary massage included